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More Christmas Dinner Menus

17TH CENTURY ENGLAND/COLONIAL AMERICA Cookbooks at this time were written by and for the wealthy. The following menu reflects what an English nobleman might have served his guests at Christmas. Some early American settlers might have considered these foods “traditional” holiday fare, even though they probably set a simpler table. Note: Not all colonial-era Christian […]

Christmas Dinner in the 1990’s

Christmas Dinner 1990’s Style: [1990] “Enjoy a night-before feast: Cornish Hens with Savory Stuffing, Sweet Red Pepper Puree in Pepper Boats, Sweet and White Potato Puree, Broccoli with Walnut Butter, Vegetable Consomme, Paris Brest with sun-caramel halo.”(p. 113) “Make heavenly delights: A[pricot Diamonds, Swedish Ginger Cutouts, Linzer Jewels, Orange Star Stack-Ups.” (p. 114) —Family Circle, […]

Cherries Jubilee

Food historians generally credit Auguste Escoffier for creating Cherries Jubilee to mark Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebration. There seems to be some conflict as to which Jubilee (1887? 1897?). Charles Elme Francatelli (primary Chef to Queen Victoria) confirms the Queen’s oft noted affection toward cherries. Francatelli’s recipe was meant to accompany venison: “64. Cherry Sauce A […]

Creme Brulee

The name is French, but the origins are not perfectly clear. Escoffier and the other major French culinary experts do not include recipes for this item in their classic cookbooks. Culinary experts generally agree that Creme Brulee originated in England. They also agree recipes for this dessert vary accoring to time and place. “One of […]

You have to have a passion for catering

You have to have a passion for catering. Unlike a restaurant, it’s not just “a protein, a starch and a veg” on the plate and how quickly can get it on the table. We’re creating restaurant quality and style food in a large format. So it’s taking all the passion that you have for food, […]

About the l’etoile catering Blog

Here I sit in excitement about our switch over from l’étoile to l’étoile catering in my office above the restaurant in Charlottesville, trying to write our first blog for our new website. Some thoughts come to mind – we have been serving Charlottesville, Albemarle and the surrounding area for over 21 years with our restaurant. […]

L’etoile Restaurant to Focus on Catering and In-House Events Only

L’etoile Restaurant announced today that Saturday, September 27th, 2014 will be the last day the restaurant will be open to guests.  L’etoile, a well-known destination for locals and visitors, serving dinner and Sunday brunch at 817 West Main Street in Charlottesville, has been owned and operated by Mark and Vickie Gresge since 1993. Lauded for […]

Virginia Brunswick Stew!!

Ask a Southerner about the origins of Brunswick stew, and you’ll start quite the historical debate. Brunswick County in Virginia and Brunswick, Georgia, both lay claim to the first pot of the famous stew. (I, of course, tend to lean toward the Viginia version.) No matter where it came from, family recipes are passed down […]

Charlottesville Foodways

Charlottesville and its foodways I am inspired by its history. I am amazed at the generations of families that have lived here for over a hundred years. I embrace the local traditions and admire the local’s knowledge. Of course, I’ll never be a ‘local’ no matter how long I live here and I respect that. […]

Wild Turkey in Virginia

On this wonderful spring day in Charlottesville as I was driving in to l’etoile – I kept thinking how I would love the chance to hunt wild turkey.  I have eaten it many times and consider it some of the best wild game there is.  It actually got me inspired to sit down and jot […]